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Chujado Lighthouse Chujado is an island located approximately at the halfway point between Jeollanado and Jejudo provinces. It used to be a part of Wando-gun, Jeollanado, but became a part of Bukjeju-gun. As Chujado is located at the 45km point away from Jejudo, it can be reached within an hour by a fast-sailing ship from Jeju Port.
The island is surrounded by uncontaminated clean waters and abounds in fishery resources. Fishermen living in the island always had to suffer from exploitation of enemies in waters. So, every lunar June 1st in Chujado, they hold a ritual to pray for a big catch and safe fishing as well as to console the souls died from shipwreck. The ritual starts with street parade of traditional percussion quartets. The parade go around the village with the torch lit at General Choi Young’s shrine and then is completed with colorful fireworks.
Construction of Chujado Lighthouse began in 1979 on the peak 125 meters above sea level, at the request of village people who suffered difficulty in fishing around Chuja port due to lack of aids to navigation, and completed in 1981. Village people who do fishing for a living are now safe-guarded by the lighthouse. The path to the lighthouse is 450 meters equipped with 470 wooden stairs and became a popular trail course among village people. The observatory of the lighthouse attracts travelers who want to take a view of Wando, Jindo and the southern west coastlines at one sight.

Lighthouse Information

Location 43 Youngheung-4-gil, Chuja-myun, Jeju-si
Lighthouse lantern KRB-750 (220V-700W Metal Lamp)
Character of light Flashing white light, 1 flash every 20 seconds
Visibility of light 26 nautical miles
Audible aids 1 air sirens every 40 seconds (electric horn)
Siren for 5 seconds, silence for 35 seconds


A Multi Purpose Maritime Cultural Facility

chujado Chujado in Dadohae (marine archipelago) is located at 45km away from Jejudo. Chujado consists of 4 inhabited islands (Sangchujado Island, Hachujado Island, Hoenggando Island and Chupodo Island) and 38 uninhabited islands. The islands represented by ‘Chuja 10 beautiful vistas’ preserves the gifted magnificent natural environment.
Chujado Lighthouse is on top of a mountain above 125m of sea level in Sangchujado Island. The lighthouse takes the role of guiding safe seaways for passenger ferries and cargo ships commuting inlands such as Busan and Mokpo through Jeju Strait as well as vessels sailing East China Sea. The old and small sized Chujado Lighthouse, which was first lit on February 27th 1980, was demolished and in December 2005, the present lighthouse equipped with the office and public relation facility was reconstructed in the location. The height of the new light tower is 20m, higher than the old one (6.7m). The light flashes every 20 seconds and the visibility of light is 48km.
The beautiful islands are called ‘Archipelago of Jejudo’ with beautiful natural environment of ‘Chuja 10 beautiful vistas“ including the sunrise. The sea is also a precious repository of clean marine resources with abundant fisheries. Sasudo, one of the islands, is the habitat of black wood pigeons and streaked shearwaters (Natural Heritage no. 333). There are cultural heritage including the Shrine of General Choi Young and Chuja Cheosagak. Even the Chuja islands belong to Jejudo Province according to the administrative district, the dialect and cultural traditions are closer to Jeollanamdo Province.

Facilities and Cultural Space

Shrine of General Choi Young Dolmen Jangjakpeongsa Chuja Cheosagak
Shrine of General Choi Young Dolmen Jangjakpeongsa Chuja Cheosagak



By ferry : Jeju Ferry Passenger Terminal (Pink Dolphin 064-758-4234) → Chuja Port (Sangchujado Island)
Mokpo Ferry Passenger Terminal (Pink Dolphin 061-243-1927) → Chuja Port (Sangchujado Island)
Jeju Ferry Passenger Terminal (Hanil Car Ferry II 064-751-5050) → Sanyang Port (Hachujado Island)
Wando Ferry Passenger Terminal (Hanil Car Ferry III 061-554-3294) → Sanyang Port (Hachujado Island)