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 Yeongdo Lighthouse was placed into operation in December 1906 and is one of Busan Port's representative landmark sitted at the southeast end of Taejongdae Resort Park. Yeongdo Lighthouse is securing Busan Port which is the first Port in Korea and has provided a guiding beacon of light to ships around Busan Port. It matches with heavenly landscapes around the port.

In addition, Yeongdo lighthouse is Busan's famous tourist site by its surrounding attractions such as "Sinseon Rock", "Jagal Madang", odd shaped cliffs and magnificent offshore view of Busan, and visited by over 2.2 million people in every year. Yeongdo Lighthouse is also a popular place where lovers come on dates, an excellent place of learning to promote a maritime culture among youth, and a place to feel the pull of home for the middle-aged people. Yeongdo Lighthouse is the place where people can have a heart full of hope as watching the red sun rising from the sea horizon and busy ships striving through waves.

Lighthouse Information

Location 181, Jeonmang-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan  (N35 ˚ 05.3 'E129 ˚ 06.9')
The first lighting day December 1, 1906
Light Function Wave cover Clear and machine: PRB-20
Etc. Quality: 18 seconds 3 white light flash Island
Optical dalgeori: 24M (43.8 ㎞)
Sonic cover Whistle once every 45 seconds (electric horn)
Whistling 5 seconds, 40 seconds jeongmyeong


A Multi Purpose Maritime Cultural Facility

 Bringing nature and architecture together. Yeongdo Lighthouse is designed to serve an observation deck to appreciate the view of sea and allowing a free access to the in and out of the building as well as the upmost stair.

In addition, by facilitating various developmental maritime cultural spaces such as Observation Deck, See & Sea Gallery, Maritime Library, Information Library, and Natural History Exhibition Hall that can promote love and attention toward maritime, Yeongdo Lighthouse has transformed into an one of most desired places to visit in Busan.

Facilities and Cultural Space

Natural History exhibition SEE & SEA showroom Information Library
Marine Theater Observatory Cafe Blue Sea

Tourism attractions

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181, Jeonmang-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan

Tel : 82-51-405-1230

Busan City Bus Information Management System http://bus.busan.go.kr

How to get to Yeoungdo LightHouse

By Subway

Station Date of First Operation
Nampo-dong Station · Bus No. 88 and 30 from the old Busan City Hall
· Bus No. 30, 8, and 13 from Nampo Policy Box
Jungang-dong Station · Bus No. 88 and 101 from Jungbu Policy Station
Busan Station · Bus No. 88 and 101 from the opposite side of Busan Station

By Bus

Station Route No. Take-off Route No. to Taejongdae
Haeundae Beach General 109,140,240 Old Busan City Hall 88,30
40, 40-1, 139, 140, 240 Busan Station 88, 101
Reserved Seat(Special) 302, 140, 240 (2001, 2002) Busan Station 88,101
Gwangalli Beach General 41, 42-1 Busan Station 88,101
Reserved Seat(Special) 41 Busanjin Market 101
Jagalchi Market,
General Nampo-dong(Nampo Policy Box) 8,30
Reserved Seat Nampo-dong, Coastal Wharf 8
Songdo Beach General 7, 9, 39, 71, 96, 134, 30 Nampo-dong(Nampo Policy Box) 8,30
Reserved Seat Old Busan City Hall 88
Seomyeon General 88 88
Reserved Seat Old Jin-gu Office Cheonwujang 88
KBS General 42-1 Busanjin Market 101
109, 139 Old Busan City Hall 30,88
Reserved Seat(Special) 302 (2001, 2002) Busan Station 88,101
Old Busan City Hall General 30, 88
Coastal Wharf General 101, 8