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About Sanji Lighthouse Sanji Lighthouse locates in the ridge of Sarabong Mountain with a view of Jeju Port at one sight and lights the front gate of Jeju. With its geographical importance, Sarabong Oreum (volcanic mountain peak) has been a defence facility protecting invasion of foreign enemies since Joseon Dynasty. It had the role of military base during Japanese colonial period and in October 1916, 6 years after the Colonization Treaty, the lighthouse was built here. While Sanji Lighthouse was used as a coordinate for vessels sailing north of Jeju, with expansion of Jeju Port for international travel liners and big cargo ships, it is lighting their seaways brightly these days. At first, it launched as an unmanned lighthouse, then it was altered to manned lighthouse in 1917. In December 1999, with construction of the new light tower, it reopened as the present facility. Despite the time difference, the architectural style of the old light tower was considered when building the new light tower and the two match together well. The marine lantern of the 18 meter high new light tower was changed in December 2002 to a huge rotary marine lantern with high light power developed by Korean technologies. The light flashes every 15 seconds and it can even be seen from the distance of 48 kilometers far. The area surrounding the lighthouse is a large marine park and boasts a splendid scenery. It is near from Jeju Airport so that it can be easily reached by bus or taxi. It now became one of the tourist attractions apart from the role of the lighthouse. When the red light of the sun reflects the sea, shapes of fishing vessels can be seen in the dark. The lighthouse opens their way.

Lighthouse Information

Location 340 Geonip-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do (located within Sarabong Park area)
Visual aids (lighthouse lantern) Rotary KRB-750
Character of light Flashing white light, 1 flash every 15 seconds
Visibility of light 22M (35.4km)
Audible aids 1 air siren every 50 seconds (electric horn)
Siren for 5 seconds, silence for 45 seconds


Surrounding natural scenery

 The surroundings of Sanji lighthouse are beautiful landscape with the wide sea and Sarabong Mountain. As the place locates near urban area, it is popular among visitors ranging from kindergarten children to highschool students as an experience site to learn about the lighthouse. It is taking the role of marine tourism environment as well apart from the role of the lighthouse itself.

When the sun sets into the sea and the water reflects the red sunlight, the waves welcome fishing boats going to make a living and the white bubbles spread blue colors of scenary in tandem with the twilight in the sea in front of the lighthouse. When the lantern of the lighthouse begin to make a way toward the dark sea, hundreds of fishing boats make a fantastic light festival in the sea.

Tourist attractions nearby

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340-2 Geonip-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju Province

Tel : +82-64-722-5707

By Bus : Jeju International Airport (city bus no. 300) → Jeju Girl’s Commercial High School → Sanji Lighthouse

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