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Port Information

Jeju Port

Leading future, Buautiful Jeju port

Geographical conditions and status

Jeju Port, situated in the north certer of Jeju-do (Island), has implemented the role of logistic center and tourism supporting port of Jeju area since its opening in July 1927.
For the trouble-free management of vessels and freight entering and departing the port, Jeju Port is equipped with speedy administration support system including Port Management Information System (PORT-MIS) and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS). Jeju Inner Port is a multi-functional port dealing with commodities, tangerines, etc based on implementation of Jeju Free International City. Jeju Outer Port will be developed as an international tourism port considering its excellent scenery.

Current development of port facilities

Jeju Port is the gate port of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, and coastal liners connecting the Korean mainland converge here. Recently with increase of international cruise ship’s entry to the port, it is developing as an international tourism port.

Harbor limit

The surface of the sea within the line connecting from the starting point of West Breakwater to north latitude (NL) 33°31’21.70“ and east longitude (EL) 126°31’39.69” point, NL 33°31’58.70“ and EL 126°32’20.69” point, NL 33°31’59.70“ and EL 126°33’43.68” point, and the northern end of Goneuldong consecutively.

Water Area Tidal Changes Length of Coastline Water Depth
3,540㎢ 2.1m 3㎞ (-)2m ~ (-)11m