Busan Regional Office of Oceans & Fisheries


Division Tel Operation Contents
General Affairs Division 82-51-609-6211 - General, personnel and security affairs and tests for staff employment and marine engineers
- Office seal management, documents management
- Management and protection of office building and facilities, purchasing work for office supplies
- Budget, account settlement and evaluation
- Tax imposition and collection, management of national Properties as well as clerical affairs related to contract
- Affairs related to emergency workplace reserved troops and civil defense unit
Seafarers and Maritime Safety Division 82-51-609-6325
- License registration, guidance and supervision on maritime transportation businesses, and guidance such business related group
- Shipping freight and authorization on vessel stoppage where boundary of port opening is not applicable
- Vessels registration and gross tonnage measurement
- Issuance of seafarer's passport and license for seafarer, crew insurance and mediation of crew dispute
- Crews' welfare and authorization on crew's boarding on/off vessels, administrative measure on crews
- Port State Control(PSC)
- Inspection, check and rectification on ship safety equipment of vessel safety facilities.
- Audit on safety management of ship, and office(ISM)
- Guidance and supervision of ship and shipping company
- Diagnosis on safety of audit on safety management of ship, and office(ISM) maritime traffic
Port Logistics Division 82-51-609-6444 - Establishment of basic port related plan, affairs related to non-government port construction enforcement permit
- Guidance of port related group, registration and instruction of maritime transportation business and such business related
- Affairs related to management and operation of port facilities, berth and anchorage
- Report of vessel arrival in/departure from port and regulation in port opening
- Instruction on pilotage and towage and port security
- Levying of port facility utilization charges and collection of taxation
- Management and operation of computing devices as well as development of computing business
Marine Environment and Fisheries Division 82-51-609-6525 - Activation of maritime tourism
- Education and information of marine environment
- Management of marine facilities, license for reclamation in public water within designated port area
- Management affairs related to permit on utilization of public water surface within the designated port area etc. and levying as well as collection of charges for area occupancy
- Integrated Management of coastal area
- Management of sea area subject to special management and particulars related to measures on water quality improvement and environmental pollution
- Operation of port cleaner and management of sea area related to port environmental pollution
- Assisting and supporting activities of Korea marin pollution response corp.
- Promoting event of Sea Cleaning Day
- Registration of fisheries business entities
Aids to navigation Division 82-51-609-6801 - Installation, maintenance and repair of navigational aids, provision of items related to navigational aids
- Management of nautical marking and installation of special nautical marking
- Installation and abolition of navigational aids and permit for position change
- Technical Examination, design and contract of navigational aids facilities
- Management and operation of vessel related to navigational aids
- Authorization and report for installation, abolition and change of private route marking
- Consigned authorization and supervision on completion confirmation and management of private route marking
- Affairs related to produce, repair, maintenance and operation of buoy
- Affairs related to management and operation of buoy office and vessel of buoy management and measurement
Jeju Oceans & Fisheries Management Division 82-64-720-2600 - Marine transportation, seafarers and vessel operations
- Port control and security operations
- Orders for port opening and marine environment operations
- Nautical marking and fisheries statistical operation
Busan Port Construction Office Planning and Investigation Division 82-51-609-6712
- Personnel, clerical and security operations
- Contract and budget execution
- Compensation operation
- Approval on execution plans of construction and inspection operation
Port Development Division 82-51-609-6747 - Establishment and revision of plans for New Port construction
- Research, survey and design for New Port construction
- Supervision and safety management on New Port construction
Port Maintenance Division 82-51-609-6773 - Establishment and revision of plans to execute port facility constructions
- Establishment of plans for hinterland transportation facilities, construction supervision and safety management